(Veg) vegetarian    (N) contains nuts   (Vegan) vegan  (GF) gluten free

Kids Menu

Kid’s Meals
Ages 10 & under

Waffle Breakfast / 7.00Kaden with Waffle Smile
Half waffle, scrambled egg, bacon or sausage link served with butter & syrup

Scrambled Eggs & Toast / 6.00

Good Ol’ Grilled Cheese / 6.00
Melted cheddar served on Troubadour Bakery sourdough bread

Cheese Quesadilla / 6.00
Cheddar cheese melted in a flour tortilla served with salsa

We’re committed to great ingredients

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    Homemade Pastries

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    Allergen Friendly

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    100% Wisconsin Cheese

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    Local, cage-free eggs produced by Wisconsin family farmers

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    Fresh-milled Madison Sourdough

    Gluten Free & Vegan Bread Options

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    Organic & All-Natural Meats

    Uncured * No Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphates

    Naturally Gluten Free * No Hormones