Yola’s Rewards

Earn Rewards every time you make a purchase at Yola’s Cafe & Coffee shop. Treat yourself to complimentary drinks and cafe favorites!

Earn Rewards

Earn 1 star reward for every $1 spent. When you reach 100 stars, you’ll get $5.00 off your next purchase! If you provide your birthday, you’ll also get a free classic waffle as a birthday reward. Star rewards expire after 6 months.

Sign Up for Yola’s Rewards

How does it work?

Your Yola’s Rewards number will be the phone number you provided during signup. When you make a purchase at Yola’s, you will be prompted to enter your rewards number. At this time, you can view your current points balance. When you use the same credit card multiple times at Yola’s, your loyalty number will automatically be attached to that card allowing you to skip entering your phone number – quick & easy!

How do I receive my Rewards?

When you’ve earned enough stars for a reward, you’ll receive a text message with your reward. Rewards are valid for 6 months.

How do I redeem my Rewards?

Redeeming your rewards is easy! Simply let your Yola’s barista know that you want to redeem your rewards. Give them your phone number and they’ll apply the discount to your order. Enjoy!

Existing Members:

Check your rewards balance or edit your settings by logging in here.