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February Finds

Welcome back! We’ve now made it to the second month of 2018, with no shortage of freezing temperatures and deep snow. If you’ve been feeling the winter blues like we have, maybe some exciting alternative lattes will cheer you up—I know they’re the only thing keeping me going at this point.

This month, Yola’s is featuring a Ceremonial Matcha Latte and a Golden Tumeric Latte.

Matcha is a type of specialty green tea, whose leaves are ground into a fine powder, which make it perfect for mixing into milk-based drinks. Matcha contains natural caffeine that has been described as calming instead of jittery. Warm or cold, this light green drink will definitely pick you up when winter is getting you down.

While Yola’s has had Matcha lattes for a while now, our new Ceremonial Matcha contains no sugar but all the flavor of the traditional Japanese tea.

Our other new February drink that’s trending in coffee shops all over the US is the Golden Tumeric Latte. This warm blend of anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and honey steamed in the milk of your choice is the best way to keep sickness away and make your friends say, “What the heck is that glowing yellow drink?”

Other specialty drinks this month include a rose and earl grey tea latte topped with edible rose petals, a “Romeo and Juliet” raspberry mocha, spicy Mexican hot chocolate, and a red velvet frappe.

Another healthy trend showing up in Yola’s is paleo goodies. If you haven’t heard the term before, the paleo diet focuses on all-natural foods that contain no gluten, dairy, or processed sugars. Our baker, Kelsey Hite of Hite Nutrition, has been cooking up many treats that follow these guidelines and are still somehow just as delicious. Currently in the café we are selling paleo maple pecan scones, raspberry thumbprint shortbread cookies, and even a maple paleo latte!


If you’re still craving that real-life sweet stuff, our waffle of the month should suffice. February’s waffle is a Red Velvet Waffle with Cream Cheese Glaze, with one dollar from each purchase going directly to United Madison.

United Madison’s mission is to unite and lift up our community by providing ways for people to better understand and learn from each other. We do this through Positive Service Announcements on Unity, Life Skills or Highlight a Non-Profit or Cause and through a Give Back Initiative; matching needs of our local charities and schools with businesses who can fulfill them.

Learn more about United Madison here:




Stop in and warm up at Yola’s with or without your valentine this month – we’ll be waiting with delicious treats and all the coffee you’ll ever need.